True phenotyping-in-a-box solution

Phenotiki is an affordable, easy-to-use, maintain and deploy image-based plant phenotyping platform. With one day setup time, and about €200 of equipment, which is easily installed, plants can be imaged and analyzed automatically (based on powerful machine learning algorithms) on a desktop workstation or via a web browser on the iPlant Collaborative cloud. And the best part is open in design and freely available to the academic community. Made simple so you can focus on doing just science.

  • Raspberry Pi
  • raspistillWeb interface
  • Example acquired image
  • Phenotiki analysis software
  • Phenotypic results plot

Phenotyping in few easy steps

Our solution is affordable and easy to deploy. Detailed documentation, software packages, and demos of our image-based phenotyping system are available for download. Find out in the Getting Started section about enabling your lab to phenotype rosette plants with minimal cost and effort.


Obtain hardware components and assemble the Phenotiki device.


Connect the Phenotiki device to the Internet and launch image acquisition from a web browser.


Download images from the device to your computer or browse them on the web-based BisQue platform.


Analyze the image data using the Phenotiki software on a workstation or on the cloud via web-based applications running on BisQue.


Visualize or export phenotyping results for further analysis.

Recent news

Phenotiki paper accepted for publication in The Plant Journal

JAN 9, 2017

Seminar about affordable phenotyping and Phenotiki at DAFNAE, Padova, Italy

OCT 20, 2016

Keynote and hands-on session about Phenotiki at IAMPS 2016, France

SEP 5, 2016

Phenotiki presented at Science and Advice for Scottish Agriculture (SASA), UK

JUN 22, 2016

We are updating the device software to work with the new Rasbperry Pi

MAY 25, 2016
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